At your service!

Selling your property is not as simple as everyone believes it is. Many aspects need to be taken under consideration. Levasseur et cie is comprised of a multidisciplinary team, trained to answer all of your real estate needs.

An honest evaluation!

Experts that know the real estate market.
Prior to putting your property out on the market, we'll evaluate your property's potential selling value.

Inevitable indicators.
The current market, the surrounding area, your home's added value are all key factors taken under close consideration when evaluating your property.

Comparables used to provide a better assessment.
Properties recently sold in your neighborhood, with similar features as your home, will help us determine the starting price that will be marketed.

Integrity and transparency.
Those are our success factors. Therefore, no false promises. You're given a clear picture of the situation at all times. No sugar-coating!

A turn-key service. No worries, we'll take care of you.

A well-viewed property.
Your home will be listed and visible throughout the greatest real estate market network.

A professional photo service will be made available.
We'll select the best clichés to highlight your home's beauty and value.

Detailed visitor reports.
Accessible and pertinent information at your fingertips. Data is gathered, compiled and made available to you after each visit, to provide better feedback from visitors.

Online Visitor statistics of your property.
You'll know exactly how many viewers have visited your home's web page. Other factors and details will enable us to provide you with complementary information linked to your property's web page.

And so much more… because that's how we work!

Helpful advice.
To accentuate the quickness and ease of your home's sale, we need to arouse potential buyers' interests. Without necessarily re-designing your home's interior with a home stager, we can provide you with a few choice recommendations to better highlight your home and seduce most buyers. If more important improvements need to be made to help sell your property, we'll direct you to our own team of professionals to help showcase your home.

We find. We sell.

Proven strategies.
We'll provide you with ideas to facilitate the sale of your property. You can choose the solution that best suits your situation.

Increased visibility.
Your property will be visible throughout Quebec's vast network of real estate industry sites.

Qualified potential buyers.
Prior to each visit, visitors must submit to a verification process to ensure they are qualified to buy your home.

Visits that pay dividends.
A close follow-up is performed with each visitor in order to provide all the necessary feedback and validate their interest. We will pass along to you all necessary comments pertaining to their visit.

Increased visibility!

Dedicated customer service at your disposal.
Have any questions? Need some additional information? You can contact us at any time, but our office opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00. No worries, we're there for you!

Brokers present during each visit.
We'll be there to showcase your property's value and beauty!

Outstanding negotiators.
We've committed ourselves to getting you your asking price. We'll counsel you with all the clarity and transparency there is. We work with you, for you.